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Hello, my name is Roy Bailey!

Software Engineering requires logic for robustness, creativity for problem solving, adaptability for continuous learning. That's why it's one of the most demanding yet rewarding jobs in the world!

User Centric

Very client focused and prefer talking directly with customers. Always delivering pragmatic commercial solutions based on constraints.

Quality Coding

Lead by example, hands on coding, working alongside existing teams to ensure knowledge sharing, coaching, and best outcome.

Simple Solutions

Over two decades of experience designing solutions. Good software should reduce complexity.


Agile delivery with a responsive collaborative approach to technical and delivery challenges.

I am a highly skilled Technical Manager & Software Engineer. My client and delivery focused approach brings clarity and simplicity to the biggest challenges. Ideally suited to roles involving full ownership of technical solutions. I enjoy deep technical and business challenges while remaining close to the day to day design, implementation, and customers. Always building successful software solutions and productive technical teams whether commercial products or large enterprise systems. Always self taught new business domains and new technologies. Always delivering!

What makes me unique is my ability to abstract complexity from all the people and technical dimensions into simple reliable solutions.

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A career doing your hobby is the best recipe for success!

Described as having a servant leadership style I create highly motivated and high performing engineering teams.

"Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviour."

To be successful today you need to build an inclusive and supportive engineering culture. A culture that encourages the best ideas to win, not politics or titles. This is where my many years of technical and commercial experience excels, providing relationship management between business and engineering and ensuring collaboration drives shared success.

UK Engineering Office Management
(SigFig, 15 people)

Setup and running of UK Engineering Office for San Fransisco Technology company.

Technical Delivery Management
(UBS, 20-80 people)

Mix of onshore/offshore, permanent and consultants, and management of large scale cross functional solutions, reporting to MD level business and IT.

Business Stakeholder Management
(LCH.Clearnet & HSBC)

Technical lead roles for teams of 8-15 people, including management of high achieving academics for building mathematical risk calculation libraries and high calibre consultants.

UK Engineering Office Management

Setup, recruitment and running of UK Engineering Office for North American company after successful consultancy project

User Interface and Data Visualization

From early UI development of real-time financial applications (charting, tickers) through to modern responsive HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Node solutions

Middleware and Micro Services

RESTful and WebSocket services, and involvement in hundreds of micro services across 7 Data Centres supporting award winning eCommerce platform for millions of users

NoSQL and Database

Access Control solution built with Neo4j Graph Database. Time Series and Document storage built with Cassandra. Caching solutions with Redis. Evaluations of many other NoSQL products. And plenty of Oracle experience.

Investment Banking
(UBS / HSBC / LCH.ClearNet)

Multi-Asset Class Instrument and Price mastering and distribution. Equity Market Risk with exposure to front office risk and VaR engine. FX curve generation engine derived from time-series data.

(UBS / LCH.Clearnet)

Risk processing workflow engines including hierarchical dependencies of different calculation libraries such as Initial Margin, Delivery Margin, Span, NPV

Financial Information Vendors
(BRIDGE - now part of Reuters)

Designed and built full financial workstation with market watch lists, tickers, level 2 and market maker screens, charting and news feeds

More than just a technologist...

My talents don't just cover hands-on software engineering. Much of my career has included leading teams, metoring and coaching others, learning new domains to shape successful deliveries.

  • Management & PeopleExceptional

  • Technical SolutionsExcellent

  • Analysis & DesignExcellent

  • Financial Markets & Multi-Asset ClassesStrong

Some Technology Highlights

Recent Experience, Strengths...

Recent or Intermediate Experience...


Reassuringly long and sucessful career

Most Significant Employment

  • Bridge, HSBC, LCH
    Engineering Lead Roles
  • UBS
    Various Software Engineering Leadership Roles
  • SigFig, PEI Media
    Head of UK Engineering

Career History


Head of UK Engineering

Head of UK Engineering for PEI Media Oversight for in-house transition of two outsourced engineering vendors. Engineering Leadership for ensuring the code and build/deploy processes were migrated to in-house accounts and services (inc. vendor assessment).


Head of UK Engineering

Head of UK Engineering for SigFig Oversight for UK office and engineering team. Technical Leadership for ensuring the team culture, technical designs etc.


UBS Wealth Management - SmartWealth

Solutions Architect

Technical management of UBS SmartWealth platform, with full stack oversight. Technical Leadership covering Java8 SpringBoot micro-service architecture and React/Redux responsive HTML UI.


UBS Investment Bank - NEO

eCommerce Delivery Manager

Technical management of UBS NEO eCommerce platform, with full stack oversight. Technical Leadership with Cassandra, Neo4J, Redis, RESTful solutions for Charting, Analytics, Entitlements, Onboarding tools. Node APIs and modern mobile friendly HTML5/CSS/JavaScript using a mix of Knockout, D3 and React frameworks.


UBS Investment Bank - DataIT

Technical Lead - Reference & Pricing Distribution Hub

All aspects of day-to-day management of four applications including End-Of-Day Pricing and Reference Data Distribution Hub; covering both mastering and distribution solutions, servicing a broad range of consumers across the Investment Bank. Market Data Architect responsible for engineering of multi-source pricing data-warehouse and distribution solution (Bloomberg, Reuters, Exchange feeds), end-of-day and time-series. Design of highly concurrent rules engine to allow pricing vendor priority selection. Reference Data Distribution Architect responsible for cross asset class data coverage and strategic architecture design (GemFire caching).


UBS Investment Bank - Market Risk

Technical Lead - Equity Market Risk Data Sourcing & Reporting

All aspects of day-to-day management of SOx compliant Equities Data Sourcing application, taking position, risk measures and market data from Front Office, calculating and aggregating for VAR engine. Stakeholder management and technical delivery ownership. Global rollout, vanilla cash/derivatives and exotic structured products. Front- to-Back management of Equities data delivery.



Technical Lead - Risk Management Calculation Engine

Architecture, design and implementation of the Risk Management system; J2EE Technical Design Authority Member; UML Analysis & Design modelling; Risk Management infrastructure design & implementation. Implementation of highly concurrent workflow system using JMS. Six risk calculations (e.g. Net-Present-Value/Span and others)



Technical Lead - FX Curve Generation Engine

Architecture, design and implementation of a Market Data and FX Curve generation system. Defined architectural policies; System Infrastructure libraries (inc. DAO, temporal data patterns, web-tier User Interface).


BRIDGE Information Systems

Head of UK Engineering

Full-life cycle of numerous products including the core corporate product 'BridgeStation', a full Financial Market Data Workstation showing realtime quotes, news and charting. Numerous front-end products (inc. desktop and web based) involving design and implementation of front-end frameworks, caching layers for realtime multi-threaded multi-source market data, back-end toolkits with public APIs and network processing. Patented market-maker data-visualisation innovation. Setup and management of European Development office and team.

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